Quality doesn't happen by accident.
We are here to help you build it.


Here at Neusoft we have an entire ecosystem that will deliver a high end quality product. For any product that leaves our premises, a passionate Team of Quality Assurance Engineers takes care of your system so it will perform flawless in the hands of your customers.

Cover the Needs

In today's market, devices and system tend to be more and more complex, to have a large number of platforms and operating systems, making it challenging for your product to reach your target customers. Our QA Engineers will balance speed, quality and cost effective solutions to guide you in delivering a very reliable product.

How We Do It

We involve testing from the early stages of product development, and by doing this, we can cut down delivery time and reduce costs by finding and correcting defects as early as they arise.
Our test Engineers will provide you timely and accurate reports and will help you decide when and what should be released on the market with the lowest possible risk.

With the experience in systems testing gained so far from a wide variety of projects that we have delivered, we apply the most suitable methodologies and frameworks to the product.
End-to-end coverage by performing all types of testing: functional, cross-platform, cross-browser, performance, security, usability, accessibility, GUI, configuration, acceptance, localization and even field testing. Fast regression rounds are achieved by scripting/automating test cases done in order to roll out new features on various apps so they can reach consumers as soon as possible.

Why us?

Our test Engineers have at their disposal a wide variety of resources that can cover the needs of the market even if we're talking about mobile, web or development board platforms.
We have flexible work models, agility, offer transparency and control, possess cross product and domain specific knowledge and last but not least, we are highly passionate about our work!

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