We turn ideas into high quality software!


We develop custom software for industry leaders in automotive, IoT, smart fitness, banking, etc. to meet your business needs, maximizing efficiency and increasing profitability. The success is guaranteed by using an integrated product development approach. Starting from your concept, our mixed team of developers, QA and creative experts can define, build and maintain your product. Being an end-to-end solution provider, we are covering the full spectrum of application and platform development.

Cover the needs

Our mission is to provide integrated technology and creative services. We define ourselves as an end-to-end solution provider, covering entire product life-cycle - branding, UI/UX design, software architecture, software implementation, quality assurance, maintenance and support. Our focus is on Java, Web and Mobile technologies for building custom software solutions for businesses of any kind. We engage in a time and materials model and operate with an Agile delivery framework. You set priorities, we design, ship and manage everything else.


In 10+ years of experience, we managed to successfully deliver more than 200 projects to clients from various industries, including smart fitness and smart devices, healthcare, education, transportation, telecom, utilities, financial services, social security, manufacturing, logistics etc. We are ISO 9001 Certified, the world's most widely recognized quality management standard.

Some of our featured applications include, but are not limited to: transportation - fleet management application, GPS navigation tools, maps data provider, productivity - online real time collaborative document editing and visualization system, mind mapping / organizer tool, corporate - online Recruitment and interview system, CV Manager, online appraisal system, product inventory, miscellaneous - restaurant menu optimization, baby monitoring, virtual WhiteBoard, golf assistant. We have built teams ready to take on every new challenge providing the necessary capabilities to cover all software development lifecycle (SDLC) stages.

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