Empower your organization to be competitive with new capabilities to maximize productivity, increase profitability and improve efficiency

We support the whole cycle

Use us as your partner for Internet of Things solutions. With Neusoft EDC you get the complete service, from device prototyping , up to a complete integrated device , with the backend, creating, developing and testing mobile apps and web apps so it can support you and your business all the way. All this with a great design. We can help each of our clients unlock the opportunities associated with the Internet of Things through a mix of strategic guidance, delivery support and analytical insight.

Experts in complete IoT solutions

Partner with us and learn how IoT can transform your business by measuring, collecting and analyzing an ever-increasing variety of behavioral statistics and information. IoT allows you to run business and exchange data through a network of remotely controlled smart devices. Here are some of the capabilities we can build for your business through IoT solutions:

Know and grow your business

Easily capture and visualize data which is crucial for your business and find out which are your strength points: work with those to take your business to the next level.

Enhance the reliability of your business

Avoid costly downtime and service repairs with predictive maintenance. Implement safety functions where they're needed, when they're needed.

Maximize the productivity of your business

Automate manual processes to cut unnecessary costs and speed up your production process.

Increase the profitability of your business

With real-time tracking of your products in use you can push the right product features to your customers on a regular basis and respond to their needs.

Improve efficiency and cut unnecessary costs

Find and fix issues before they become real problems with complex monitoring, discover which components don't bring any value and remove them from your business model.

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